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About Laminate Flooring in Roseburg, OR

Easy to maintain, affordable, and stylish looking, laminate is a classic flooring choice. At Casa Bella Interiors Carpet One, our experts are here to tell you what laminate flooring is, how it can benefit your home or business, and what its limitations are. Our showroom in Roseburg, Oregon, features a great selection of laminate, including both wood and tile look options. We also offer installation services for residential and commercial spaces.


Laminate vs Hardwood

Laminate looks nearly identical to hardwood from the surface, but it is actually a wood look flooring option. Wood look floors have a high definition photoimaging at their surface that captures the rich natural appearance of real hardwoods, like hickory, maple, birch, oak, and mahogany. Flooring companies will even add a texture to the surface of the floor that matches the knots and wood grains in the image to further the effect. The benefit of using laminate over a real hardwood floor is that it tends to be more stable in humid conditions. Each laminate plank is made from layers of composite wood that are glued together to create a dense, durable design. This makes it less likely to warp. Laminate is also more affordable and lower maintenance than hardwood floors.


Is Laminate Waterproof?

Thanks to advances in flooring technology, today you’ll find plenty of waterproof laminate choices. In the past, we only offered water-resistant laminate, which is only meant to handle a certain amount of moisture. In contrast, our waterproof laminate flooring products are built for kitchens, mudrooms, and other high-moisture areas that experience regular spills. Our exclusive Mirror Lake™ collection, for example, has a special snap-lock seal that locks the floor boards together so that moisture can’t escape between the seams and damage your subfloor.


Where Can Laminate Be Installed?


Laminate is ideal for any space that you would install hardwood and more. Waterproof laminate is more versatile and can go in rooms where water-resistant floors aren’t recommended. We suggest using stronger laminate flooring in light-use commercial settings, like smaller offices, boutiques, and similar areas. Because today’s wood and tile look imaging is so natural in appearance, you can use this type of floor in main living spaces like dining rooms, dens, and bedrooms. This allows you to achieve a high end feel without breaking your wallet. 


Our Laminate Selection

As your local flooring store, we carry popular laminate name brands that you’ll commonly find, along with unique alternatives that will make your space stand out. We have distinctive collections with stylish designs like white oak, multi-shaded hickory, rustic walnut, and much more. We are a member of the Carpet One cooperative, which is one of the largest co-ops in the world. This gives us more buying power with suppliers, so we can bring you lower flooring prices, while staying independently owned and operated. Visit us today to learn more about who we are and our flooring selection. 



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Caring for Laminate Flooring

Enjoy a beautiful looking floor without the high

maintenance. Laminate requires minimal upkeep

to stay looking great.