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Carpet Store in Roseburg, OR

When it comes to choosing a carpet for the home, most homeowners look for options that are soft, stylish, and functional. If you’re looking for carpet near you in Roseburg, OR, visit Casa Bella Carpet One Floor & Home! We carry a wide variety of top carpet brands that will fit any style or need. Our flooring professionals are available to help you find the best carpet for your home. 


Carpet continues to be one of the top flooring choices for residential homes. If you’re interested in installing carpet in your space, here are some guidelines to help kickstart your search.


What Type of Carpet Works Best for Me?

As we have mentioned before, carpet is incredibly versatile and can be installed almost anywhere in your home. However, it’s always a good idea to consider your lifestyle and the area you wish to install your carpet before making a purchase. 


Besides budget, ask yourself the following:


1. Do you want to install carpet in a hallway, on your stairs, or near an entryway?

Choose a carpeting option that is resistant to staining and is to easy to clean. 


2. Is your home busy and loud or quiet?

Consider how well your carpet will stand up to pets, little ones, and general foot traffic, and whether to invest in a more durable option vs. a more luxurious option.


3. What is your preferred style?

Finally, consider your interior design and how you want it to look with the new carpet. 


Carpet Fibers

One of the first things to consider when buying a new carpet is what type of fiber you want it to be made from. Synthetics like nylon, polyester, and triexta are soft and strong. Natural fibers like wool are eco-friendly and cozy. Looking for something sustainable or eco-friendly? Ask our flooring experts about our Green Select carpet options!


Popular Carpet Fibers


Nylon is commonly thought of as the most durable carpet fiber available. This depends on the quality of the nylon used, but in general, you can expect your new carpet to be incredibly wear-resistant.


Polyester is typically less durable than nylon – although again, this depends on the quality of the fibers –it has inherent stain-fighting properties and is usually more affordable.


Olefin is more prone to wear than nylon or polyester, but it’s highly fade-resistant, making it an excellent choice for sunny areas with low traffic.


Triexta is a newer synthetic carpet fiber that performs similarly to nylon. It’s incredibly durable and offers natural stain resistance.


Wool is one of the most popular natural fibers. It’s considered eco-friendly since it comes from a renewable resource and is crush-resistant thanks to its curly structure. Wool is also fire-resistant and, if properly cared for, hypoallergenic as it helps filter your air of dust and debris.


What Are The Main Types of Carpet?

Your carpet can range in color, fiber, texture, and more! Do you hold an image of the perfect, luxurious carpet for your living room in your mind? Maybe you just want a durable Berber carpet for your kids’ playroom. Regardless of your style, you’ll find a large variety of carpet options. 


Popular Carpet Types

Did you know? Some of our customer favorites include Saxony and Cut-Loop, thanks to their varied patterns and textures. The key difference between these types is that Saxony is made entirely out of loops that are sheered off to create a fluffy texture, whereas Cut-Loop carpeting has loops and cuts that are weaved together to make a unique pattern.


Are Carpets Pet-Friendly?

In most cases, yes! Some carpet fibers have inherent stain-fighting properties, such as polyester and triexta, and can be coated with a treatment that protects the surface. 


Where Can My Carpet be Installed?

When you think of the rooms where you would want a soft floor, most people think of bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.  However, stain-resistant and pet-proof carpets can also be installed in more areas of the home like hallways and stairs. Keep in mind that bathrooms and kitchens are not suitable for carpets because they are high-moisture areas. 


Do You Install Carpet?

Yes! At Casa Bella, we offer both residential and commercial installations. We pride ourselves on efficient and professional installs for all of our products.


Our Installation FAQs

  1. We provide an in-house team of installers, as well as trusted contractors.
  2. Be sure to create a clean space on the day of your carpet installation and remove pets, furniture, and any personal/breakable items.
  3. Carpet installations are messy! Be prepared for the possibility of dust and debris due to carpet/pad removals and installs.

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With so many options, understanding the features of carpets can feel overwhelming. We are here to help you make sense of our selection of carpet flooring. As a member of the Carpet One cooperative, we have the opportunity to compete with the big box stores and provide our customers with quality flooring options while remaining a local store with caring employees. Visit our showroom or browse our online carpet selection today!



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Carpet care shouldn't be complicated! Follow these simple care tips to enjoy your carpet or stair runner for years to come!




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